Spoon Chair


Spoon Chair

A mono-shell light office chair on castors, Spoon Chair is the result of a totally avant-garde production process. The innovative dual-component injection molding technology used to produce this chair creates a “layered” product. Two different thermoplastics are molded at the same time, one for beauty (exterior) and the other for its high mechanical resistance, giving Spoon Chair its highly technological characteristics and maximum flexibility which comes from its highly customization thickness which adapts to the user’s weight. The easy-to-use handle regulating the mechanism is concealed inside trunk of the bottom shell to avoid interrupting its sinuous line. Ideal for offices, there is also a fireproof version of the Spoon Chair.

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  •   Orange
  •   09/Black
  •   03/White
  •   07/Grey

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Smooth batch-dyed polypropylene
chair width: 24 height: 33-37 seat height: 18-21 1/2 diameter base: 28