Pop Missoni - Armchair


Pop Missoni - Armchair

Carlos Tamborini | Piero Lissoni

Pop is the first “infinitely repeatable” modular sofa. Easy to take apart and manufactured industrially, Pop is composed of identical transparent polycarbonate single-seat modules which can be placed sideby side to create the sofa’s solid frame: backrest, seat (also made of plastic slats) and armrests. Pop shatters preconceived ideas of the rigidity of plastic, offering itself as a comfortable and indestructible
industrial upholstered sofa that stands up to shocks and heavy use. The large and soft goose feather cushions are available in a number of fabrics.
For those who like prints but still want that touch of modern liveliness in the home, the Pop modular sofa has now expanded its offerings with a new series of Missoni fabrics with the addition of two Erbario
variants to the two multicolored Vevey flowered prints and to the black and white Cartagena prints.



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  •   Vevey Floral Red Tones
  •   Vevey Floral Burnt Tones
  •   Catagena Black/White

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Seat and backrest: goosedown and flock cushions Missoni Fabric: type Spina 3/1 – 100% cotton Frame: transparent batch-dyed polycarbonate
Armchair: W x 37″ H x 27 5/9″ D x 37″ Seat Height x 13 7/9″