Only Me -Rectangle


Only Me -Rectangle

Only Me reflects the Narcissus present in each one of us. ┬áDesigned by Starck, Only Me is a mirror with a slim 8cm frame of various transparent colors – crystal, emerald green, fuschia and azure, or in two glossy classics of white and black.

Only Me is rectangular in shape measuring 50cm x 70cm (19 2/3″ x 27 5/9″) and can be hung either way.



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  •   Fuschia-Transparent
  •   Crystal
  •   Green-Transparent
  •   Azure-Transparent
  •   White-Opaque
  •   Black-Opaque

  • Dimensions
  • Material
Width: 19 2/3″ Height: 27 5/9″ Depth: 3 1/2″
Transparent or batch-dyed PMMA