Misses Flower Power


Misses Flower Power

Misses Flower Power is a decidedly “oversize” vase. The quest for a visually striking chromatic effects led to the development of a production technique that brings life to a semi-transparent and irregular surface to produce a vintage glass look.

The technology used–rotational molding–first applied to transparent polycarbonate, produces a single hollow piece, which is suitable for containing soil, water, plants or flowers. The round base, the same color as the structure, gives the vase excellent stability. This extra-large vase is also available in a polyethylene opaque color version.


Diameter: 23 2/9″

Height: 64 4/7″



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  •   E7/Kartell red
  •   E5/glossy white
  •   E6/glossy black

  • Material
  • Dimensions
Transparent polycarbonate and polyethylene
Opaque: 23 3/9″ diameter, 64 4/7″ height Transparent: 23 5/8″ D x 65 3/4″ H