Miss Less


Miss Less

A rigorous material chair which grew out of a sculpture is transformed into an industrially produced household item.  The seat has the strength and authority of a primitive form, a block of material made contemporary by the glossy plastic moulded material of which it is made.  Ideal for both home and contract, Miss Less is formed by a comfortable squared-off monolithic base (available in various matte colors) and a slim backrest of transparent polycarbonate.

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  •   BC/White-Crystal
  •   AC/Orange-Crystal
  •   NC/Black-Crystal
  •   NN/Black-Black
  •   BB/White-White

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Batch-Dyed Technopolymer Thermoplastic
Width: 16.5″ Height: 33″ Depth: 17.7″ Seat Height: 16.5″