Mademoiselle - Moschino


Mademoiselle - Moschino

Moschino | Philippe Starck
This is an innovative design for an armchair because of its clever and novel combination of two aesthetic qualities: the structure is an injected mold of transparent polycarbonate upon which are placed four fasteners, allowing for a sturdy, yet flexible, fit for a seat made of expanded polyurethane. Mademoiselle’s advanced technology consists in the use of unusually thick, soft fabric for the seat, which provides for maximum comfort and enhanced aesthetic quality. It boasts a harmonious design and extraordinary comfort. The Mademoiselle armchair is available in different patterns and fabrics. In addition to the prints chosen by Philippe Starck, the collection is completed by a new fabric with a sophisticated crocodile effect making Mademoiselle eclectic and trendy.
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Width:21 5/8 Height: 29 1/7 Depth: 21 Seat Height: 18 1/8