Honeycomb is a light and easy-to-use folding versatile chair. It has an aluminum frame, while its backrest and seat are made of transparent or mass-tinted polycarbonate.

The refinement of the structured texturization, divided into hexagonal honeycomb modules, confers on this chair not only the aesthetics of three-dimensional decoration, but functionality, lightness and ergonomy as well.

Perfect for outdoors and small spaces, the folding Honeycomb is just 7cm wide when folded.

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  •   B4/Crystal
  •   J1/Smoke Grey
  •   J5/Light Blue
  •   E5/Glossy White

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Seat and backrest: transparent or colored polycarbonate; Frame: matte anodised aluminum
width: 15 1/4 height: 32 1/2 depth: 20 2/3 seat height: 18 1/9