$300.00 — $375.00


An essential lamp which is characterized by the “subtle interpretation of the theme”. Made in transparent methacrylate in all the colors of the rainbow, the cover is not perfectly hemispherical but the cut-off is underneath the height of the diameter to collect the most light. What’s more, the special transparency of the material and the sheen of the colors bring to mind a soap bubble, iridescent with reflections of light.


Now available in three different sizes; Fl/Y (diameter: 20 1/2 inches), Small Fl/Y (diameter: 15 inches) and Big Fl/Y (diameter: 32 2/3 inches).

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  •   Clear
  •   Sky Blue
  •   Petrol Blue
  •   Sage
  •   Yellow
  •   Orange
  •   Red
  •   Cardinal Red
  •   Cobalt
  •   Emerald
  •   Opaque White
  •   Opaque Black

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Batch-dyed PMMA
Diameter: 20 1/2 Diffuser Height: 13 Length: 18 1/9 – 94 7/8
Degree of Protection: IP20 Tension Volt: 120v Bulb: E26 Max 25w Weight: 3.48 lb