$860.00 — $1,075.00


A lamp as valuable as Murano glass, as irreverent as a rock opera. Bloom blossoms forth in a scintillating and lavish cascade of crystalline flowers.
Bloom is composed of a polycarbonate tubular framework entirely encrusted with tiny double corolla transparent polycarbonate flowers. The result is an industrially produced lamp with the form and stylistic complexities of the unique hand-made artifact.
Bloom comes in an original hanging version: a cylindrical version suggestive of the silhouette of an hour glass figure.
There are three single-colors for the lamp: total transparency and opaque white for a refined ethereal effect, plus a sexy pink and black mix.
A series of bulbs positioned along the internal framework diffuses beams of light through the petals and reflects off their faceted surfaces radiating a thousand reflections.
A new way of interpreting the traditional lamp with that special added touch. Veritable work of art that furnish and fill a room all on its own creating an atmosphere of sparkling splendour.


Diameter: 20 6/7″
Height:27 5/9″
Cord Length: 31 1/2 – 94 1/2″


*Assembly required.


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  •   Crystal
  •   Pink-black
  •   White
  •   Black

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate
Diameter: 20 6/7″ Height:27 5/9″ Cord Length: 31 1/2 – 94 1/2″