Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Die Italienerin Anna Castelli Ferrieri is an Italian architect and industrial designer. She studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic with Franco Albini between 1938 and 1943. In 1943 she married Giulio Castelli, a chemical engineer. In 1949 he founded Kartell, a firm that specialized in top-quality designer objects in plastic with which it became famous worldwide. In 1946 Anna Castelli Ferrieri founded an architecture practice of her own. In 1949 Anna Castelli Ferrieri participated for the first time in the Congrès Internationale d’Architecture Moderne (CIAM), of which she was also a co-organizer. From 1952 Anna Castelli Ferrieri was a member of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica. As an architect, Anna Castelli Ferrieri is particularly associated with urban planning. With the architect Ignazio Gardella, Anna Castelli Ferrieri established a joint practice from 1959 and until 1973 the two architects collaborated on several uban planning projects in Milan, Turin, Genoa, and other cities. Other important architectural projects engaged in by Anna Castelli Ferrieri include the Kartell headquarters in Binasco (1966) and buildings in Arese for carmaker Alfa Romeo (1970-1972). In 1956 Anna Castelli Ferrieri was a co-founder of Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI: Italian Industrial Design Association). From 1965 Anna Castelli Ferrieri became active as an industrial designer, creating objects for Kartell and other companies. From 1966 Anna Castelli Ferrieri was a design consultant for Kartell. She experimented with all sorts of plastic materials to create many innovative designer objects, including in 1967 the stackable modular container “4970/84” made of ABS plastic. For the “4822/44” stool Anna Castelli Ferrieri designed in 1979, a metal alloy with polyurethane was used for the first time, creating enough stability for seat furniture to have longer legs. Anna Castelli Ferrieri also worked as a journalist, in 1946/47 as editor of the architecture magazine “Casabella costruzioni” and, from 1955 until 1960, as a correspondent for “Architectural Design” magazine. In 1991 Anna Castelli Ferrieri’s book erscheint ihr Buch “Interfacce della materia” (The Interface of Material), was published, in which she calls for responsible behavior on the part of designers.

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